Spiti Expedition - 最终飞跃 - 通过Shimla(610公里)

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Spiti Expedition - 最终飞跃 - 通过Shimla(610公里)

我们再次签署前一天,预计下一天是在美国的商店里,我们很高兴在我们面前的整个Kinner Kailash系列的景象。它是景区和神秘的。我们崇拜这个地方的美丽,在我们的旅程的最后一段恢复活力。这是我们作为帖子之旅的最后一次重大停止,因为我们只需要一夜之间的技术停止。我们每天都感到怀旧,我们冒险的公路旅行朝向最终。我们为我们的隔夜停止设定了Narkanda或Shimla的目标。在接下来的两天计划很简单,遵循以下路线到达目的地:

Kalpa - Rampur Bushahr - Theog - Shimla - Chandigarh - Ambala - Delhi


We had an exhilarating morning at Kalpa with beautiful view of Kinner Kailash Mountain ranges. We were mesmerised by the scenic beauty, surrounding apple orchards and enchanting view of the Kinner Kailash. The mystical feeling was omnipresent and we spent beautiful time in the vicinity. It was so attractive that we were pulled by its magnificence. After breakfast we started our journey at 12:00 p.m. with trip meter at 2750 KM. We cautiously passed through narrow and winding roads of Kalpa. It was a descent of almost 22 KM towards NH22. Since the treacherous part of highway has already been covered we were comfortable with our onward journey. After driving for few KM on highway we faced a small road blockage due to clearance of debris from highway caused by landslide previous evening due to heavy rains. The highway remained closed for overnight. The landslide had covered quite a large area of highway and it reminded us of the uncertainties that one lives through while travelling through these terrain. We travelled on NH22 alongside Sutlej River and took few halts to imbibe the bounty of nature and reached Rampur @ 5:00 p.m. thereby covering 115 KMs.

Kalpa Theog(2)


Kalpa Theog(3)


Kalpa Theog(7)


Kalpa Theog(6)

在漂亮的背景下,Reckong Peo的三色

Kalpa Theog(9)


Kalpa Theog(4)

Kalpa Theog(12)

Once again we saw a drastic change in topography and it was getting more greener – a contrast from barren mountains of Spiti. The road conditions were better with few rough patches in between. Weather was also playing hide and seek with us with rains as well as hailstorms in between broad sunlight. We haven’t seen such kind of hailstorm earlier. The size of ice was like that of a marble. It was a difficult phase for our bikers as they were directly exposed to the impact of falling ice. After a small break with hailstorm we continued our onward journey. After crossing Rampur we started looking for stay options. Initially we thought of taking a halt at Narkanda but given the time that we had, we decided to move ahead. We finalised LR Homestay at Theog (30 KM ahead of Narkanda) for our overnight stay. It turned out to be an epic last overnight halt of this sojourn. This homestay was like a mansion parched on hill top with a very steep make shift road with hairpin bends. It needed some serious driving skills to reach the place. We reached our destination @ 8:30 p.m. and had covered 219 KMs during the day. After dinner we signed off for the day.

Kalpa Theog(11)

由于Sutlej River的水滴导致彩虹形成

Kalpa Theog(14)

Kalpa Theog(16)

Kalpa Theog(10)


Kalpa Theog(19)


Kalpa Theog(21)


Once again we woke up with a beautiful view of valley and felt like all our effort to reach this place was worth it. Throughout our Spiti sojourn we had an awesome stay at every place with best view of that location. We were ready for the last leg of our journey. After breakfast we started our journey at 9:55 a.m. with trip meter at 2969 KM. Within an hour we reached Shimla but after that it was the most annoying phase of our entire journey with traffic jams and chaos. After Shimla, it almost took us 4 hours to reach Chandigarh. We crossed Chandigarh @ 4:15 p.m. thereby covering 131 KMs during the day. We moved ahead and reached Ambala @ 5 p.m. where we took a snacks break and continued our journey.

Kalpa Theog(30)


Kalpa Theog(27)


Kalpa Theog(26)

我们开车通过从高速公路到达LR Homestay的陡峭的泥土道路

Kalpa Theog(32)

Kalpa Theog(31)


Kalpa Theog(29)


Kalpa Theog(36)


Kalpa Theog(25)

Finally, we reached Delhi @ 10 p.m. thereby covering a distance of 391 KMs from Shimla. Overall, we had covered 3360 KMs starting from Mumbai. A trip that will remain embedded forever in our heart till eternity and has given the impetus to plan for more exciting road trips ahead. Cheers to the team for successful completion of an adventurous road trip. We will meet again for another exhilarating trip. Till then enjoy reading & exploring!

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  1. 3360公里?那是很多!荣誉给你的人,以完成这一旅行,如此多的冒险和挑战。继续旅行,期待您的更多帖子。祝你有美好的一天!


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